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Financial Assistance

The First Presbyterian Church of Liberal offers financial aid to those in need in our community. We will extend our assistance to those in our community for help with utility payments. There are a few stipulations and requirements to receive financial aid, however, and these requirements are listed below.

Financial Assistance Requirements/Process

  • A family is only eligible to receive financial aid up to $100 per year. Our financial assistance calendar goes for 12 mos from the time you receive assistance. - e.g. if you received $100 of assistance in December 1, 2019, you would be eligible for more assistance December 1, 2020.

  • We offer a maximum of $100 in assistance.

  • If you need financial assistance to help pay a bill that is over $100, in order for us to help you we need proof that you (or someone else) can pay the rest of the bill - e.g. if your electric bill is $175, we would be willing to pay $100 if it only if you can prove that you (or someone else) can pay the remaining $75.

In order to begin the financial assistance process, you will need to come to our office in person. Bring the bill you are wanting to have paid and we will make a copy of it for our records. If the bill exceeds $100, you also need to bring proof that you (or someone else) can pay the remaining balance.

Once we have all of these things, we will ask you to fill out a brief form that asks information like your name, your address, your phone number, etc. 

Once the form is filled out and proper documentation and proof of ability to pay any remaining balance on a bill is copied, a Deacon will be called to the church. The Deacons are in charge of financial assistance and whichever Deacon is able to come to the church will write a check and then perform the appropriate action - e.g. if you need a bill paid, they will take our check to the gas company or electric company, etc.

If you have any further questions about the financial aid process or requirements, please call the church office at (620) 624-5487 or e-mail

First Presbyterian Church of Liberal

1551 N. Western Avenue

P.O. Box 236

Liberal, KS 67901

(620) 624-5487 (office)

(620) 624-1616 (childcare)

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