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Serving Our Community, Honoring God

Our church is involved in, interacting with, and serving with many groups in the Liberal community to help people, practically and spiritually, including the Presbyterian Preschool/Daycare, County 4-H Clubs, Food Cupboard, Liberal Area Rape Crisis Center (L.A.R.C.), E-Boutique, Mosaic Group, Commit To Be Fit and Walk Kansas. We also participate in the PCUSA’s worldwide missions, to serve people around the globe.

County 4-H Clubs

Our church has been providing a room for the County 4-H Clubs to hold their meetings for quite a while. We hope to soon interact more with the children who participate in the 4-H Clubs by having them do Moments for Mission with us during our Sunday worship. The children would serve in different roles during the worship, such as Worship Leader, Greeter, Usher, Acolyte, etc. We also hope to have a Coffee Hour/Potluck with the 4-H Clubs.

Hunger Programs

Hunger is a serious problem, which is increasing during this economic period. The Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) says one of every seven people in the world is not secure with respect to their food supply. After Jesus’ example, of reaching out to and caring for those with needs, we seek to address hunger and its causes in our community and around the globe.

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS)

Our church regularly participates in the PCUSA’s OGHS, which helps people in need in developing countries, such as countries in Africa. OGHS has programs, which aim, not only to address hunger problems but to help communities develop independence in providing for themselves.

Food Cupboard

Our church has provided space for decades for the Food Cupboard, a local group which provides food for those in need in our community. Members have made donations of food and funds to the Food Cupboard.

Liberal Area Rape Crisis Center (LARC)

LARC is a group, which reaches out to and assists those who have been a victim of rape/domestic violence. LARC has a shelter at an undisclosed location, which has the capacity to temporarily house 22 women and 4 infants. Our church has done Moments for Mission with LARC and made practical and monetary donations to the group. LARC Director Lori Hensley is one of our Elders and we enjoy partnering with LARC to serve our community.


The E-Boutique is a store which provides professional clothing donated by various groups in the community for young adults newly entering the work place or adults returning to the work place. Our church has done Moments for Mission with the E-Boutique and made donations of clothing and funds to the group. We feel grateful to be able to serve young adults/adults in our community in this way.


Mosaic is a group which serves Persons in Service, who have developmental/intellectual disabilities. Mosaic provides a safe, positive and loving environment for Persons in Service to develop their self-confidence and gifts, as productive members in the community. Our church has recently begun doing Moments for Mission with Mosaic, incorporating Persons in Service into our worship service as Worship Leaders, Greeters, Ushers, etc. We are thankful to be able to partner with Mosaic, in reaching out to the Persons in Service, to be their advocates and help them live productive lives.

Commit To Be Fit (CTBF)

Our church is excited to be able to partner with the K-State Extension Office in offering their many programs, and CTBF is one of those programs! Many of our members and Pastor Kitty are participating in CTBF, which is a program aimed at helping people become more balanced and healthy, physically, emotionally and financially. CTBF invites inspirational speakers to speak on various aspects of physical, emotional and financial health. Participants join a team, and teammates are accountable to each other, in forming realistic goals, doing group activities to improve all aspects of their health, and making strides to realize their goals. 

CTBF holds monthly meetings, and for information, please contact the Program Director, Kathy Bloom at the K-State Extension Office, at (620) 624-5604 or

Walk Kansas

Walk Kansas is another K-State Extension Office program, with which our church partners to offer to the community, and it is aimed at promoting better health for people, through physical exercise and diet. Some members and Pastor Kitty have joined the program and they are hoping many others will participate. Participants join teams of up to 6 members, and they must make a minimum goal of walking (or another appropriate form of exercise) 2.5 hours per week and are accountable to their teammates. Any kind of exercise done at least 10 minutes continuously counts, and Pastor Kitty does Tae Kwon Do every day (religiously! :) ) for about 2.5 hours per week, but she hopes to also add walking with her teammates, her dog and their dog. It is recommended that participants keep a daily journal of their consumption of fruits/vegetables. 

First Presbyterian Church of Liberal

1551 N. Western Avenue

P.O. Box 236

Liberal, KS 67901

(620)624-5487 (office)

(620)624-1616 (childcare)

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